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Our first full length album. Bang your heads and shit.


released December 28, 2011

Recorded at 608 Studios in Milwaukee, WI



all rights reserved


MICAWBER Mishicot, Wisconsin

Formed in 2007.
Still fucking shit up.

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Track Name: Viral
This vision has been impending for many years
And now its hit the point of reality
I am a viral infection to you and all of your kind
I course through your veins
I enter your cortex
I splice through your thoughts
And reel you in
Into my vortex
As if it is the only thing i have left to do
I hone in on your senses
Absorb my lies
Abhorrence demise
Once I was your eradicator
Now I am your predecessor
No words spouted of restriction
Open up your eyes
Open up your eyes to see these false ideals
This is what you've become
And will forever be
In retribution I simultaneously eradicate this entire empire.
Track Name: A Timid Existance
Your words have been restrained,
Try to litter me, with all your false prophecies.
I will forever live by my own reality.
I will never be deceived.
The human mind is impeccable,
Full of everything conceptual...
Your false beliefs leave your world trans-orbital.
Timidly existing with never ending apprehensive thought.
In your eyes you are confined,
To limit fixations beyond space and time.
I devour delusional thought,
Lies, deceit, deception is all erased.
You are living in paranoia and shielding your face from the truth.
You cease to hold the essence of life in your hand.
Your diluted mind has been transformed,
Into a void forever unexplored.
Track Name: Systematic Manipulation
Never ending currents of ignorance drift through time and pace.Drifting through time and space, defiling all their minds.
Inconspicuously devolving the populous,
Cycling through their cortex and altering their consciences.
Never ending currents of ignorance drift through time and pace.Drifting through time and space, defiling all their minds.
Inconspicuously devolving the populous,
Cycling through their cortex and altering their conscience.
Systematically manipulating frail mentality.
Images of greed depicting solitude spewing from the sewage of society.
Vibrations of devious words manifest in the nether of thy psyche.
Transcendentalism has drift afar.
Reality has now become a facade,
Your mind is now theirs.
The world you thought you knew is in despair.
Anguish odium desolation.
Matter that has once sustained free and individual thought is now completely absent.
Just another soul gathered into the postule,
Overflowing with blotted glimpses of veracity.
Reality has become a facade.
Your mind is now theirs,
This world you thought you knew is now in despair.
Never again to coincide with reality.
Intellect intentionally mislaid.
Bring for the submissive and willing to captivate every last word to be spoken.
Track Name: The Calamity
You are something I've never gazed upon before.I feel this is to be scrutinized.
You are unfamiliar to every fiber of my being,
And I cannot distinguish if such an atrocity of a being is a possibility in reality.
Or if this is but a figment of my imagination.
Because my mystified eyes don't want to believe.
I yearn to reset the dawn of the Earth.
To relapse the purity of mankind,
Though that for all is a battle lost.
Now I am forced to cope with the calamities.
You are an artifact of evil men, disguised in modest demeanor.
Perplexity, the only feeling that I retain.
The seed of the utmost malevolence has flourished discretely,
Before my very eyes.
Track Name: Mechanized Enslavement
Cut from the stencil of disposed entities,
Putty in the hands of supremacy.
Molded to their satisfaction.
Strategically placed in union with the rest.
No questions,
No doubts.
Ingesting propaganda
You fall victim to deception.
You're a machine of conformity,
Used to reject individuality.
This is your profession,
Forever a slave to oppression.
One purpose,
No essence
Blind to everything, this is all you'll ever be.
Rotting away,
Lifeless shell,
Only life known,
Man made hell.
No mind of your own,
Synthetic drone.
This is all you'll ever be.Rotting away in your lifeless shell.
The only life you know, is this man made hell...
Find your salvation somewhere else.
Track Name: Incorp(s)orated